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What Types of Injuries Do We Most See Associated with A Personal Injury Accident?

Oct. 21, 2021
  1. Traumatic Brain Injuries --TBI’s are caused when an outside force causes (usually a violent blow to the head) causes brain deficiencies. Some traumatic brain injuries can be minor but others can have severe medical consequences.

  2. Loss of Limb -- In some instances, the force of impact can cause such injury to limbs that such limbs may need to be amputated.

  3. Fracture -- One of the most common types of injury in a personal injury accident is when the force of injury causes a bone to sustain a fracture. Although many times such fractures heal well in some instances there can be lifelong medical problems.

  4. Spinal Cord Injury -- Another common injury from an accident is when there is a sudden and traumatic blow to the spine that causes fractures or herniated discs. Such injuries can have life-changing impacts on daily routines.

  5. Knee & Shoulder Tears -- Force of an impact can, unfortunately, sometimes cause tears within the knees and shoulders. Meniscal and Rotator Cuff tears are two of the more common. Surgical intervention is needed many times with such injuries.

  6. Soft Tissue injuries -- There are a variety of injuries considered to be soft tissue. Examples of such are sprains, lacerations, and bruising.

  7. Emotional Distress -- This injury is not physical in nature but is when the trauma from an accident causes lasting emotional trauma.

  8. Death -- The sheer impact of vehicles, the fall from a height-related accident, and other personal injury accidents can unfortunately sometimes lead to death. Such injury can have a lasting impact on the deceased’s family both financially and emotionally.