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What Does a Free Consultation with an Attorney Actually Mean?

Dec. 14, 2022

The best course of action for those Individuals involved in accident in which they are injured is to seek legal help. By doing such they can be compensated correctly for their injuries. Thus, before filing any sort of claim it is best for these individuals to discuss their claim with an attorney. Many attorneys will give free consultations to discuss possible legal remedies. These consultations discuss how a case will be litigated and what damages will be pursued. Many law firms offer these consultations with no obligations. The Law Offices of Spencer M. Fein, P.C. provides such free consultation.

But the overall question many have is what to expect during a free consultation with an attorney.

What Happens During a Free Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney?

At the Law Offices of Spencer M. Fein, P.C., a firm that specializes in Westchester County accident victims, you and an attorney will have the chance to speak to get to know one another. There are important questions an attorney needs answered and there are important questions you as a potential client need answered. During your free consultation, the lawyer or firm representative will walk you through the facts of your potential claim. The firm will use the consultation to ask you specific questions. These include, but are not limited to:

  1. How did the accident occur?

  2. What injuries did you sustain?

  3. Who in your opinion caused and is at fault for the accident?

  4. Other than the physical injury what other damages have you sustained due to the accident?

Besides the firm asking your questions about your potential claims you will have the opportunity to ask any pertinent questions you may have as to what the process of your claim would entail. In the past potential clients of this Briarcliff Manor law team have had a wide range of questions asked about possible claims. In fact we have been asked way to many to list all of them but some of the most common questions asked have been:

  1. What is your experience in dealing with similar claims?

  2. What has been the firms results of success?

  3. How long in time will my claim take to be finished?

  4. Can you explain the process of how a claim is made?

  5. How does the law firm get paid? (SEE BELOW FOR FURTHER INFORMATION ON THIS QUESTION)

Do I Need Anything at the Consultation?

Although many potential clients just need to bring their voice to the consultation, being prepared always leads to a more efficient consultation. You should bring any pertinent information and records in your possession to your consultation. This can include but is not limited to police/accident reports, medical records and bills received. The more information and documentation you provide can lead to a more fruitful consultation.

Also, honesty about your accident and past medical history is the key to a meaningful consultation. You must remember anything you tell the law firm is confidential. The best way for a lawyer to represent you in a claim is by not being surprised by false information that was given to them by their clients at the consultation. A good lawyer needs to be prepared for every aspect of a case, even ones that may make the claim difficult. Just as it is important for you to be prepared it is important for the attorney to be prepared as much as possible.

How Does the Law Firm Get Paid?

The most common question asked by potential clients at a consultation is how much is this going to cost? Just like any other business a law firm can charge different fees. You may seek to avoid those firms who are seeking hourly wages and up front disbursement retainers, as such costs can become expensive and burdensome. Choosing an attorney that works on a contingent retainer based fee is usually one of the most important factors for finding an attorney. This means the attorney will only get paid contingent on the results of your case. The Law Offices of Spencer M. Fein, P.C. work almost exclusively with their clients on a contingent based fee.

How Much Money Will I Get for My Injuries?

One of the most common discussions during a consultation is what is my case worth? You may want to avoid attorneys who casually give you actual monetary numbers of the worth of your injuries at your free consultation. It is impractical for an attorney to truly know the value of your case at your first meeting. There is too much work and evidence for an attorney to perform before they can accurately evaluate your case. That being said an attorney should be able to provide you with some of the type of damages you will be able to seek for your injuries. Law Firms that make you promises of huge monetary settlements/verdicts at your first meeting may be trying to sell you to become a client of their firm. At the Law Offices of Spencer M. Fein, P.C., representing the interests of New York injury victims is our top priority and for us that means being honest with our clients from the beginning. Having a realistic truthful dialogue about what the case is worth is important to starting the proper lawyer-client relationship.

Contact the Law Offices of Spencer M. Fein, P.C. Today for your Free Consultation

The Law Offices of Spencer M. Fein specializes in accident victim cases. We will do everything to answer any questions you may have as to your possible claim and litigation. This consultation is always free and if we form a client/attorney relationship the firm is paid solely on a contingent basis. We have represented numerous clients throughout Westchester County and the rest of the state of New York getting them compensated for the injuries they sustained in an accident. We also pride ourselves on not putting anyone in a pressured situation to hire us as their attorneys during their free consultation. We are hear to answer your questions to the best of our abilities and to see if an attorney-client relationship is best for both you and us. Feel free to contact us at any time.